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Burda November 2012 - Blouse

Quarta-feira, 17.04.13

I discovered that I liked sewing just a few months ago, so I took a few lessons. But I mainly work alone at home, so sometimes things don´t go the way I thought. That being said I made this blouse a few months ago. Unfortunately I chose a fabric that stretches a litle too much so it didn´t take the shape that I wanted, but it´s still very wearable.


So, I gonna try to give you some informations about the patterns.



Magazine: Burda November 2012


Difficulty: Medium


Time that I took: about 10 hours (remember that I´m a begginer :)


Things I loved: The wave on the front give it a very chic look (on the pattern)


Things I didn´t love: Because I chose a fabric that streched, the wave didn´t looked the way i wanted. (I don´t even know the name of the fabric)




Hope you like it :)






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published by: Sandra às 13:02


De Dinah Miller a 29.06.2013 às 23:27

Don't be too hard on yourself! Your top is fantastic and looks very nice on you. Keep up the good work!

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